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It all started with me writing a new song called 'Proud to be me'. As I was writing I noticed this song was about me being bullied in the past. I never really much thought about it as I was getting older. But now it started to hit me again. Yes it was painful. The bullying really hurt me, because I was a shy girl. At school when I was about 12 years old, they pushed me in the corner, told me I was ugly and hit me, pulled my hair. After a while I started to believe I was ugly. That believe influenced the rest of my life. But singing and music helped me through it and that's why I wrote the song 'Proud to be me'.

I want to spread the message of the song: 'Be proud of who you are, even though you are being bullied or were bullied in the past!' So I approached a foundation called: Dealing with bullying (Omgaan met Pesten). I let them hear the song and they loved it. We decided to work together spreading our message: "Although you have been bullied, be proud of who you are!" This message we both want to spread into the world...it's a message for everybody, young and old. Because bullying also happens at work or in retirement homes. Soon the musicvideo of 'Proud to be me' will be available for everyone! And please listen to it when you are going through tough times, when you are being bullied, or have been bullied. I wrote it from the heart, for you to hear it! Follow our #proudtobeme campaign at:


There’s no sound like the sweet sound of soul music. Joyce Rising and her band are dedicated to revitalizing the Motown Sound with a feel-good sound and driving funky, bluesy beats. With story-telling songs and rich backing vocals, modern samples and the alto saxophone, Joyce Rising brings her own sound to the stage.

Joyce Rising is a singing lady with lots of passion and writes and produces her own songs in a creative way. Joyce does it all: “She brings her own PA system, mixes her own songs in her home studio and does the music video editing”. Her mother was a Gospel singer and inspired the 4 year old Joyce to go singing.  In 2006 Joyce received her diploma from the Rotterdam’s Conservatory of Music.

Joyce is a real go-getter and is currently performing live shows with her band in The Netherlands. With this band Joyce Rising performs her own written soul/pop songs. The band played at a couple of successful festivals like the Kanaalconcerten with among others the famous saxophonist Candy Dulfer. Joyce her songs are about her own life. With songs like “Mr. All About Me” en “You Can’t Control Me", she does not mince her words. Joyce wants to inspire people to live from their own power within and to be proud of who you are.

Joyce Rising is strongly influenced by singers like Celine Dion, Amy Winehouse and Aretha Franklin. On stage you’ll hear old soul grooves in combination with strong horns and a funky sometimes rocky guitar. Together with the grooving double bass the show is complete. “The Joyce Rising – show” is swinging, energetic, soulful, full of passion and wayward. Besides soul music, Joyce Rising brings a couple of pop-latin songs and some well-known covers by James Brown and Amy Winehouse. Soon the musicvideo of Joyce latest song (against bullying) will be presented during the event in Gigant Apeldoorn.



E: info@joycerising.com


Band Joyce Rising:

Drums: Robert Liwier

Bass: Chase Muskitta

Keys: Juul Beerda

Guitar: Lex Pelamonia

Lead vocal: Joyce Rising



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For bookings email:  info@joycerising.com 

My mission is to inspire people to go for their dreams, be proud and take that jump and RISE!




JOYCE RISING info@joycerising.com