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Just very amazed

Stefan Eckl 10-08-2016
Hello Joyce,
just these moments I have heard some passages of your kind of music. And I want to thank you very much. Your songs are filled with the wonder of your deep soul and your lively spirit. Really amazing. Thank you. Bless you.

Re:Just very amazed

Joyce Rising 29-08-2016
Hey Stefan! I just read your message. Thank you so much for your kind words. It touches my heart. Thank you and bless you too Stefan! Music can heal every heart!

Love is the key

Lenie van der leij 18-12-2014
Mooi en waar lied

Re:Love is the key

Joyce Rising 28-12-2014
Dank je wel Lenie!
We all share the same key.
Love is the key.
Let's use it.
X. Joyce Rising.


Lenie van der leij 06-10-2014
Wat een heerlijke muziek☺️


Joyce Rising 07-10-2014
Dank je wel Lenie!!! Welk liedje spreekt jou het meeste aan?? Lieve groet, Joyce.

Hello risers!

What's up??? 17-09-2014
Let me know what you think about my music. I would love it if you give me some feedback. I've worked really hard to create my songs. I write, produce, sing and create all songs & video's myself. So give me tha feedback risers!!! Thank you. X.

Laat me weten wat je vindt van mijn muziek, liedjes. Ik waardeer je mening enorm. Dank je wel, Liefs, Joyce.

Nieuw bericht

Please tell me what you think. I would like to know. Laat me weten wat je vindt van mijn muziek, website, etc. Ik waardeer je feedback. Thank you. Dank je wel. Liefs/love, Joyce.

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